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实现互联网的全球化 To Unite the Earth Connect It

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本文摘要:SEVENTY years ago,The United nations was formed as The expression of a simple choice 3360 cooperation instead of war . humanity would standas one全人类应该团结起来应对矛盾、贫穷和疾病。不能听到世界上所有人的声音。At least,that was the plan。最少。 当时是这么计划的。


SEVENTY years ago,The United nations was formed as The expression of a simple choice 3360 cooperation instead of war . humanity would standas one全人类应该团结起来应对矛盾、贫穷和疾病。不能听到世界上所有人的声音。At least,that was the plan。最少。

当时是这么计划的。we ' ve come a long way . we ' ve halted and reversed the spread of killer diseases,Extended life expectancy and raised in comes . we ' ve even waven.s not been evenly distributed . too many people have been left outside of a mostly urban,mostly northern success story。


Seeing that,World leaders put forth a new set of global goals in new York last week . if we want to build a World where not just some but all get to live it(约翰肯尼迪,工作)联合国会员国签署的《2030年可持续发展议程》反映了这一点。It lists 17 goals and 169 targets,and one of these,9 (c),Is a target that we believe Is crucial to accelerate realization of all the也就是说,承诺到2020年全世界所有人都能使用互联网。today over half the people on this planet don ' t have access . that is not good for any one-not for the dis empowered And disconnected,And not今天,我们一半以上的行星无法使用终端网络。对任何人来说都不是好事。

——对处于劣势、未能上网的人来说是不好的。另一半也是如此。因为后者的利益和安全都与社会的稳定相结合。an unprecedented array of technologists and activists-from mo Ibrahim to bill and Melinda gates,action/2015,Ushahidi and sahahais从穆易卜拉欣比尔和梅林达盖茨(Bill and Melinda Gates)、行动/2015 (action/2015)到证人(Ushahidi),他们承诺不反对新的全球目标,将全球与机会联系起来。

这必须沦为全球性的运动。In this century,global development and global connectivity are closely linked . if you want to help people feed,heal,Educate and emplate本世纪,全球发展与全球网络密切相关。为了帮助全世界的人获得饱和、医疗、教育、自力更生,我们也需要建立全球终端网络。



In Ethiopia and Tanzania,for example,farmers connect To get better prices,Track inventory and make mobile insurance payments in cassurancecell phones inform mothers how to have healthy pregnancies . in Kenya,Women receive financial services via their cell phones thanks to the brilles例如,以埃塞俄比亚和坦桑尼亚为例,当地农民可以利用互联网追求更高的售价,尼日利亚公民可以使用名为BudgIT的手机应用程序来监控政府是否遵守承诺的支出。对女性来说,这是一个特别好的机会。男性连接到网络的可能性很小,但如果女性也可以用在网络上,就可以利用科学技术手段寻求更好的教育、身体健康、经济地位和人身安全。危地马拉的准妈妈可以通过手机自学,学习怀孕期间保持健康的方法。

在肯尼亚,利用名为M-PESA(M-PESA)的出色微贷款项目,女性需要通过手机获得金融服务。In the last few weeks,We ' ve watched desperate refugees seek shelter on the frontiers of Europe . smart phones have made it possible for those leek过去几周,我们看到很多难民冒着危险,智能手机为了与通过检查站和铁丝网的家人保持联系,将当地难民送回。


it ' s one thing to say we should connect the world . the real trick is how .但是用互联网连接全世界更容易,不能在一起。there ' s no simple solution or silicon bullet。没有简单的解决方案或一蹴而就的技术工具。

In many places,Increasing connectivity will have to start with extending access to energy . nine out of 10 rural Africans don ' t have electricity 这是反对奥巴马总统明确提出的“电力非洲计划”、两党在国会明确提出的《非洲电气化法案》 (Electrify Africa Act)、非洲开发银行(African Development Bank)的理由。where governments lay The foundation,The private sector can build . promising efforts are under way to bridge The digital divide . but we know The政府打好基础后,我们可以期待为增加数字鸿沟而付出代价的希望前景。但是我们也非常确定世界各国可以做出更多的贡献,做出更多的贡献。这是当务之急。

英特尔基金会为理工和数学教育所做的工作,微软是Millennium Development Goals(Millennium Development Goals)的希望,谷歌为偏远地区的网络端Facebook旗下的Internet.org也为应对挑战做出了贡献。more technology companies and entre preneurs must take more respons ibility . silicon valley should look beyond itself and act more on issuEs like education,health care and the refugee crisis . we challenge the tech industry to do far more for Those most marginalized,Those trapped更多的技术公司需要与企业家分担更多的责任。硅谷应该采取更多的措施来应对教育、医疗、难民危机等,而不仅仅是自己。


我们想为那些挑战技术产业、被最疏远、被贫穷折磨、网络无法接触的人寄予更大的希望。约翰肯尼迪)All the global goals must be scored-but the goal of connectivity for every one everywhere will surely hurry this game-。